Why Choose AVD?
*  Over 40 years experience with high precision,
state-of-the-art mechanical and electronic design.

*  Low cost component manufacturing with a
proven track record of high quality and reliability.

*  Software solutions tailored directly to each
customer’s needs.

*  Fast personalized service. We do in days and
weeks what others do in months and years
We provide complete turn-key prototype and
limited production solutions for both new and
existing products across a wide range of industries.
Including automated assembly, manual tooling and
motion control.

Under Door Cameras
Your engineering partners
in custom solutions.
Protype & Production Build
Forging Ahead...
Ad-Vanced Designs, LLC. is an engineering
solutions provider. This includes limited
production and assembly to meet all your
specialized needs. We have continued to
expand our offerings to become the leader
in custom integration with full service
design, engineering and production
Speciality camera systems utilizing
AVD's Chip Cam. Total package is
less than 6.34mm (.250") high.
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